First time I went abroad to Bangkok, Thailand. It was a nice country. I feel the similarity between Indonesia and Thailand; same weather, same vibe, and nuance. But, I feel like Bangkok is more organized than Jakarta, less traffic, and more choices of shopping (also cheaper), and tourism places.

wpid-img-20120906-00871.jpg wpid-img02296-20120909-1536.jpg

Overall, Thailand is a good place to visit. I recommended to whoever wants to have vacation. You won’t regret. Nice place, they have nice beaches, tourism attraction, villas, hotel, shopping center like BMK and platinum, and cultural stuff. Oh, you can go to madame tussaud! Everything is quiet affordable in Thailand. It’s a good place for backpacker.

I stayed in Phoenix hotel. It is located at Latkrabang street in Bangkok (please googling for the address :D). It’s nice place to stay, not too big, but you can sleep comfortably, you can have nice bed, tv, closet, and even little space to dry your clothes. Plus I got free breakfast. Well, with only 15 dollars per night that was amazing.


In Bangkok, there is monorail so you can go to every places easily. If you want to go to other city, you can ask travel agent for transportation like bus or airplane. I normally take monorail to shopping center, or taxi (ask for price and you can bargain too!).

wpid-img02311-20120909-1725.jpg wpid-img00348-20120905-1220.jpg

My time in Bangkok was good except for the food. I am not very keen with Thai food because most of them are pork and seafood. I am muslim so I don’t eat pork and I have alergy with seafood. I eat tom yam sometimes but most of the time I eat chicken or halal noodles. So frustating for the food. I got sick in Bangkok couple times because I skipped eat. I just don’t know what to eat sometimes. For you who can eat pork and there no problem with other country’s food, I think you will be okay. 🙂


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