Birthday Surprise!


Happy birthday to me!!! Not today but a month ago, on May 31. I am not gonna tell my age now. hahaha. It’s a secret everybody!!! Anyone guess? I’m turning 19! Heck, I wish! But trust me I am not that young but I do look young. 🙂

So, on my birthday my sisters gave me some surprises. I was in my room the night of my birthday, I locked my door and was not expecting anything. When I was about to close my eyes, my sisters knocked my door and told me to wake up. I opened the  door then tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..they sang happy birthday song and gave me little cakes with candles.

wpid-20150531_000611.jpg wpid-20150531_000554.jpgwpid-20150531_000741.jpg

It was so sweet. I was so happy. They were also giving me a gift. It was a watch from Alexander Christie. I love it. Best birthday so far!

I am going forward to see what is in the future for me. I always positive and hope for the good things coming into my life. I am happier than I was before. I am grateful for everything God has gave me throughout my life.

Hope you and I have a great year, and future! xoxo.


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