Rahasia Jack

Di daratan tinggi dekat sungai Ouse dan Foss bagian utara Yorkshire, sebuah kota bernama York berdiri di bawah langit biru yang diselimuti awan cerah. Matahari bersinar ramah. Cahayanya memantul ke menara dan gerbang berusia ratusan tahun yang mengelilingi York. Di kota kecil inilah sisa-sisa rekam jejak masa lalu terlihat jelas dibandingkan tempat lainnya di seantero Inggris. Continue reading

Living in Saudi Arabia

Have you ever think about move or live in the middle east? Honestly I don’t. As a Muslim I want to go to visit Saudi Arabia to perform hajj or umrah but not for living.

There are some negative stories I have heard from people who had visited Saudi. They said in Saudi is not safe place for foreigners like you cannot go out alone especially woman, some foreigners got kidnapped and raped, the rules are very strict, too much rules basically. It’s sound scary.

Then in 2012 I had an opportunity to work for an airlines there and I had to move to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I was excited but I kind of worried when I remember those stories.

When I got there I saw dessert every where and temperature was hot. I expected to see camels but I barely see it. Jeddah is kind of quiet I guess, compare to countries I have visited, compare to my country as well.  There are many good houses, apartments, compund, like rich neighborhood. There are slum area as well.


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Throwback When I joined Marching Band!

It’s been a while since I graduated from university. Campus life was one of the best time of my life, so much fun and happiness.

What was so good about being a college student? Well, beside the study, of course the experiences that you can never forget because the next cycle of life is all about reality! I was so happy to have bunch of crazy friends that I shared life with. We had laugh and cry. Those activities during years in univeristy like go to music events, theatres, gathering, etc were the best. Days in library also was cool, It wasn’t always being serious you know, we make some jokes and having conversation with friends, basically do homework and chillen.

I am type of person that were active in campus organizations. I joined Student Executive Board of Univeristy of Indonesia (UI), Tae Kwon Do of UI, and the most memorable one was Marching Band Madah Bahana UI in 2005.

My team, Madah Bahana Universitas Indonesia, just after won the championship! 🙂

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Restaurant Review: Zenbu House of Mozaru

I have never written about restaurant or food review before, but this restaurant is quite impressive for me. It’s called Zenbu House of Mozaru, a Japanese restaurant with inovative menus.

I went there for dinner with my friend, Ria. I just came back from Accra, Ghana. I told her I have been craving for sushi so bad. Every time I saw  some sushi my mouth would be watery. Haha. So then, we were looking for Sushi Tei.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it. So we just looking for another restaurant, whatever it is and finally we found a restaurant called Zenbu.

It is located in Kota Kasablanka Mall, Indonesia. The place is very cozy and quite big. You can feel Japanese nuance mix with western style from the ornaments, like bamboos, Japanese lanterns, calligraphy, and some decoration that look like Christmas trees, flowers, colorful balls, etc. It also has private space so you will be comfortable chillen with friends. And the most surprising and exciting was all the waiters welcome us with Japanese greeting very loudly like cheerleaders in basketball game. Hahaha…

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