Throwback When I joined Marching Band!

It’s been a while since I graduated from university. Campus life was one of the best time of my life, so much fun and happiness.

What was so good about being a college student? Well, beside the study, of course the experiences that you can never forget because the next cycle of life is all about reality! I was so happy to have bunch of crazy friends that I shared life with. We had laugh and cry. Those activities during years in univeristy like go to music events, theatres, gathering, etc were the best. Days in library also was cool, It wasn’t always being serious you know, we make some jokes and having conversation with friends, basically do homework and chillen.

I am type of person that were active in campus organizations. I joined Student Executive Board of Univeristy of Indonesia (UI), Tae Kwon Do of UI, and the most memorable one was Marching Band Madah Bahana UI in 2005.

My team, Madah Bahana Universitas Indonesia, just after won the championship! 🙂

Initially, I only wanted to escape from my study. I had hard time during the first year in univeristy. My friend Saad, she was from Faculty of Science, forced me to join marching band. I said, yeah sure, why not! I did some tests before I can join the team. Basically they want to see my talend. They taught me to play brass, drums, colour guard instruments, then let me played those instruments. They said my talend was in brass, which was to play trumpet. Oh well.

It was harder than I thought, to play the trumpet itself was not easy. I had to learn to read song’s notes and did particular moves in the stadium . We had to practiced from 4 pm until 9 pm, sometimes until 11 pm. We practiced songs and moves for a year straight for a GrandPix Marching Band (GPMB) Championship–It is a national event and every year we need to perform different theme. Our theme was Dangdut in Jazz.

Though it was so difficult at first time, but I really enjoyed and loved my time in marching band. I made friends from all faculties, I had like more than hundred of friends to work with. It was so fun. I really love playing music and it was giving me life. Suprisingly, I got improvement in my study since I joined marching band. We brought our home work to the stadium and when we had time we would finish it. I couldn’t believe it, because sometimes we practiced until like 2 or 3 am. We slept in the stadium, woken up then go for study. Crazy. I think organizations given me positive influences, it helped me to get focus in my study as well.

So, after a year straight of practice for GPMB we finally made it to final round. All the hard work was paid off because we WON the national Championship!!! WOHOOOOOOOO….!

I found the video of my team when we performed Dangdut in Jazz for final round of GPMB 2005. I wanna share with you guys! enjoy!!! xoxo


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