Restaurant Review: Zenbu House of Mozaru

I have never written about restaurant or food review before, but this restaurant is quite impressive for me. It’s called Zenbu House of Mozaru, a Japanese restaurant with inovative menus.

I went there for dinner with my friend, Ria. I just came back from Accra, Ghana. I told her I have been craving for sushi so bad. Every time I saw  some sushi my mouth would be watery. Haha. So then, we were looking for Sushi Tei.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it. So we just looking for another restaurant, whatever it is and finally we found a restaurant called Zenbu.

It is located in Kota Kasablanka Mall, Indonesia. The place is very cozy and quite big. You can feel Japanese nuance mix with western style from the ornaments, like bamboos, Japanese lanterns, calligraphy, and some decoration that look like Christmas trees, flowers, colorful balls, etc. It also has private space so you will be comfortable chillen with friends. And the most surprising and exciting was all the waiters welcome us with Japanese greeting very loudly like cheerleaders in basketball game. Hahaha…



When I saw the menus I got surprised because it also furnished western food. Like lasagna, spaghetti, etc. So I changed my mind. I ordered lasagna with rice. I mean who eat lasagna with rice? I was very curious with the taste. I thought it’s innovative. It could be good or very bad. And it was actually very good for me. The mozarella cheese was so good and the rice above was actually sweet. Maybe it came from the tomato sauce but I am not sure.

Ria ordered chicken katsu with egg. It was crispy. We also ordered crispy tuna sushi and it tasted very delicious.


Soverall I loved it. I like the food combination, East and west. It was also affordable for the price. I think this restaurant is recommended and I will definitely come back again to the restaurant if I go to Kota Kasablanka Mall again.

What funny was, we found Sushi Tei restaurkant after we left Zenbu. Haha. But yea, we were not disappointed at all! 😂😂😂

Zenbu Restaurant

Kota Kasablanka Lantai UG,, Jl. Casablanca Raya kav.88, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12870, Indonesia +62 21 29464916

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