High Fashion Muslimah!

I had meant to write this for a while now. I was thinking how I should start writing this topic, until I finally decided to sit down and write it in easy way. Actually, I will just write whatever I want to write. haha. I dont want to over thinking, like write about history of hijab or how women in Islam (we called it muslimah) get into fashion. It will be a heavy topic I guess.

So, is it true that muslim women really into fashion?

Yes, trust me they do! I know some of you would think how are those women get into fashion when they have their hair covered (Ok, not only hair but head to toes). It doesn’t even sound so fashionable when you hear it. Doesn’t it?

Let me tell you some, even though they have their body covered but many of them are well educated women, entrepreneurs, and profesionals. I wouldn’t ignore there are also muslim women who have dealt with difficult situation, like in war or poor countries. What I wanted to say is muslim women today as fashionable as other women in the western. They have their mind open about what’s in and what’s out of fashion, they got access to it. For you who have been to middle east countries, you know that you can find any branded fashion stores very easily in the mall.

Muslim women following what are trends today in fashion, they are wearing the most elegant dress, they are having the most expensive purse and stiletto, and yes they are also got the most luxurious jewelleries. I think muslim women probably are more creative than other women because they have to think how to look fashionable, yet syar’i (accepted in Islamic rules). So, here are some muslim women fashion trends:

1. Mix and Match Colors

As we see colors have been in fashion trends in 2014. Fashion designers and people are now showing off pop art colors, bright colors, neon colors, pastel colors, etc. Mix and match colors are every where, in muslim fashion also is not an exception. We have a fashion muslim designer and trendsetter from Indonesia, named Dian Pelangi who has known as a rainbow queen.

Dian Pelangi (copywrite http://us.images.detik.com)

2. Sporty

Sporty look has grown into one of the biggest trends of our fashion era. Everybody seems like rocking sporty trends, they like wearing loose shirt, jacket, and coat. Oh! you know we do love wearing sneakers and boots, and also flats sound comfortable too! So, if you think you like sporty looks, did you hit the gym this week? lol

3. Chic and Elegant

Who says muslim women cannot look chick and elegant? Here are some muslim who are wearing hijab and rocking the chic and elegant look. You can also wear earings, necklace, sun glases, and other jeweleries to add the glam!

Muslim style icon: Hana Tajima

Style icon: Diana Safira (via instagram: @dssaaksss

Style icon: YaztheSpaz89

4. Turban 

Turban has been a fashion trend. It comes to many styles. For muslim fashion peeps, Ascia AKF is one of the icon of turban queen. She is wrapping her head with turban in daily basis. She uses different colors of turbans, mix and match with her fasionable clothes. Look so cool!

Ascia AKF

Ascia AKF


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