You’re Not Well Educated, You’re Not Success and Your Fate Ugly!

In the middle of a conversation with a friend …

“Uh, she’s going to England soon you know, she got master degree scholarship.”

“She is so lucky? And my life still the same. Our fate ugly! ”

Initially said yes. But,, apparently i disagree with the statement “Our fate ugly”. I told my friend that I did not get overseas scholarships but that does not mean my fate is bad! Maybe my achievements in life have not as good as other friends, but saying our fate ugly was overrated. Doesn’t it sound like a person who is weak and ungrateful?

I believe sustenance,, fate, destiny, and death will never be confused. Isn’t God already said:

” Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (Quran: Ar-Ra’d verse 11).

After all, there is nothing she and I need to crying about because we both have never tried to apply for a scholarship abroad. We did not even start it yet. I also should not feel sad because other people can get scholarships abroad, while I do not. If I dont get scholarship, it doesn’t mean I am not success. Therefore, every person has his/her own ways, has a choice to be successful, and has a special meaning for what success is all about.

“You want success, you need to earned it.”

Unless, we have tried as best as we can do and until we die that dream never happened, then it is said to be destiny. Only God has the prerogative to each servant.

Lately, I think, a lot of people–perhaps, or just me–view success when we could study abroad, had a good job in a company, own a business and wealthy. Then, so many people praised, recognized, proud of us. We don’t realize our “hidden” purpose of succes is recognition by the crowd. So, what about the mothers who can educate their children to be smart? Is that not a success?

I also think too often about success, but its all just about the success in this world. At the end of the day, we will leave this world. Success in this world doesn’t necessarily guarantee us in the Hereafter.

God knows better….


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