Dentist Today

Today I went to dentist for check up, first time since I am wearing braces in December 2013. The dentist took one of my teeth out. Sucks man, it was hurt. Lol

I don’t understand why some people juat feel comfortable wearing braces. I just don’t. After I knew how it feels, I don’t think I want it on my teeth. However,  I still need to put it on because my teeths are little bit messy.


For many years braces became a trend. Sometimes I found people wear braces only for like style. They thought they are looking good with braces on.

Money is no longer important when you want to look beautiful. But for me, it is sucks, I am broke! Today I spent almost 100 dollars only for dentist. Lol.

The dentist said I need to keep this braces for 2 years. Oh well. Can’t wait to look the results though! 🙂

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