Happy New Year 2014!!!

The 2014 has just came! Are you guys excited like I do? Haha. I don’t know why, I’m feeling excited about this year. I just hoping this year bring so many happiness and good things in our life.


Last year, 2013, was a great year for me. Though some plans was not work out but I feel blessed that God gave me a lot of joyful. I couldn’t even imagine that it was ever happen to me. Like for example I was able to spend last days of Ramadhan and celebrate Eid in Mecca, the holy place for muslims (I will write my travel story with you guys on this blog).

Allah also gave me blessing with better financial situation. I worked for Orient Thai Airlines (hajj and umroh flight) in Jeddah,  I got paid good so that I can help family. Though now I’m no longer work there, I still have saving to survive before I get new job. Lol.

It has been a month since I came home from Jeddah. I feel so happy at the first time because I feel free live in Jakarta and happier. I can do things, you know. Like now I’m taking driving course, and I also going to take english course. I got some plans for 2014 and start to working on it and make it happen!

Of course I will share about my activities on this blog! I think I will be more productive to write this year! Wish me luck and Happy New year!!


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