What’s Your Bliss

Hey yooo! I’m back writting on this blog. These days, I don’t feel like I have much to say, or rather, I prefer say certain things in private. Actually I had a great busy day like 3 days ago, I went to training class, i met my friends and such. But then, everything turned stale when I came back home.

I feel like i’ve lost my mood. I’m thinking maybe this is caused by PMS, you know, every woman feel this before their period. I feel all the PMS symptoms, such as back, severe stomachace, bad mood, feel insecure, and of course there are some acnes pop up on my face like mushrooms. lol not good. Orrrr, maybe i just let my self being lazy.

I’ve been staying in my room lately, spent time to do Korean show marathon. On the other hand, I miss having productive activities. Plus, I keep thinking of what is my bliss?! Something that make me feel contented and happy. When I was younger, I know what I want in life, my dreams, my career path. Then as I get older, those things are missing, i lose it.

Well, I’m not really pesimistic. Just my life is changing, so does my dream, my goal. You know, sometimes you just feel so down, failed. Don’t keep it any longer, you need to make a quick come back, get up and try again! try try try! If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. find your bliss!

One of my goal this year is to improve my english more. So yea, now I love reading and writting anything in english. ha..ha..ha..It’s makes me excited again. I begin breaking down the different kinds of my mood booster:


And seek assistance through patience and prayer, and most surely it is a hard thing except for the humble ones–(QS 2:45)

Well, based from my experience, everytime I get down, I started to pray more often. As a muslim, I pray 5 times a day, also you can pray during night if you want, it’s not a must. But, for me, it’s like meditation, sit alone, pray in the middle of the night when everybody is sleeping, there is no distraction. Just me and God, us, alone. I tell Him everything inside my heart. I don’t want to come to people because people are weak like myself. So when I feel down, I come to God and ask for help because He is the one who has everything and can give everything. I just feel soo peace after pray. I know for some people, maybe it’s sounds corny, but hey just try it! why not though! ha..hah.


Surrounds yourself with good friends who really have some goal to succeed. People that when you see them, they have alot of optimistic to pursue their dreams. Like when I saw my friends who have strong will to get what they want in life, it makes me feel good and want to work hard to make my dreams happen.



Oh well, you guys don’t know how much I crazy about capuccino!!!! I LOVE IT, it’s such a good mood booster for me, hahhha. I just feel sooooooo good after drink a capuccino. You guys need to find what you like also, maybe music or something else.

Aight, that is my bliss, what’s yours?


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Bliss

  1. well for me we should enjoying life, facing the world, if you are happy, smile. if you are sad, laughing then 😉

    cause life too short to be wasted to thinkin somebody whose doesnt deserve for us and thinkin somethin such a sucks thing lool…

    have fun go mad
    sleepy go bed
    ciaoo gurl

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