Project Runway Crowns Michelle Lesniak as Season 11 Winner!

Portland designer, Michelle Lesniak, named as ‘Project Runway Season 11’ winner. Started from the bottom, she languished in a succession of losing teams, it stitched her way to victory and gets the crown!

Michelle nearly drop out from the show after disobeyed judge Nina Garcia’s direction to not make T-shirt and pants. But what she did was exactly that Nina forbid. When I watched her model came down the runway, I was like…wow, what are you doing girl, what you made was totally wrong!!!

At that point, eventhough a funky punk Portland based designer made a well made clothes, she missed the point of the challenge. It was very vivid for the judges to make a decision. Who’s gonna be eliminated? and it should be her.

Project Runway host, Heidi Klum, announced that she lost the challenge. Surprisingly, judges decided not send her home. They gave her chance insted. Judges was expecting her to make a showstopper dress. Lucky her, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Zac Posen still believe in her talent.

And guess what, it was a right decision! Michelle made a fantastic comeback on the show and won a coveted spot in the finals, getting the chance to showcase 12 of her designs during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City with other two designers Stanley Hudson and Patricia Michaels.

Here are some of Michelle Lesniak’s dresses





Michelle collection looks polish, bold, a lot of textures, strong, yet sophisticated, inovative, and most cohesive among other designers. Inspired by wolf, she named her beautifully made collection as ‘Lane Wolf Female’. And you know what, it was all sewn up without a formal fashion background!!!. amazzzzzzzzzzing, it was blown me away!

“My inspirations has been lane wolf female who lost her path. The whole process in the show is a nightmare. the wolf looks for her last kills. I need this kill to survive,” Michelle told the judges. “Its a great story, this collection is unusual, i like it.” Heidi said.

Nina Garcia was impressed by the collection. The Creative Director of Marie Claire Magazine thought that Michelle kept the siluets very consistents in her collection. Nina also thought Michelle offer a lot of pieces and few of them are very stand out.

“It was phenomenal,” Nina ended her comments.

On the other hand, fellow finalists, Patricia Michaels and Stanley Hudson showed a very distinct point of view. That is good to show the diversity on the runway! Patricia appearances in Project Runway made a new nuance. As a native American born, we can see that she brings the indian cultures into her collection. And that is original. In the throughout episodes of project runway she also showed her talent to create her own textiles.

“I am so happy that i made it happen to fashion show, now i can show the world the voice of native american, and it is loud,” said Patricia happy.

Patricia made a unique strong dress as she started the competition. Her point of view as a designer is clear, she got unusual aesthetic, yet good taste. But lately, she had been in the bottom because sometimes we just dont get her designs, looks messy, and unfinished. To be honest, i am quiet surprise that she made it to final, i was kind of underestimate her ability to make showstopper pieces. I think other designer, Layana Aguilar is more deserve going to fashion week. Layana can make beautiful sexy dress that i totally would wear all of her collection.

But hey, i was wrong. I thought the judges decision was right to send Patricia to the final 3 and show her collection to fashion show. “Your collection is beautiful and different,” told Designer Michael Kors to Patricia.

Here are Patricia Michaels’s dresses





Stanley Hudson, was one of my favorite designer beside Layana Aguilar. He barely in the bottom two of this Project Runway team season. He was strong, detail oriented, and has a good taste of fashion. He could make female looks fabulous in his hands. For me, it wasn’t surprising that he will make it to final 3, I even thought that he will be named as a winner of this season.

Sadly, he couldn’t delivered his point of view into collection that well. Hmm, it was beautifully made, make you say “wow” though. But in the bad way: dissapointed! haha because i had high expectation of his work. Some of his dresses looks old fashion. It just wasn’t as creative and inovative as Michelle and Patricia made. He could make better collection. “Your collection, its rich, but where is the wow?” said Nina Garcia.

I don’t know why, I hardly believe that Stanley could win this thing as long as he could think outside the box. Yet again, he wasn’t prepare enough and unorganized for the fashion show. I saw him struggled to finished his dresses until the last minute of the runway show about to start. Even mentor of the project runway show, Tim Gunn said, “I couldn’t believe this is happening to Stanley, in history of project runway i’ve never seen like this happened before.”

Maybe thats one of reason why Michelle won this Project Runway Season 11 title, and comes with a $100,000 cash prize from L’Oreal Paris to start her own line, a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine, a 2013 Lexus GS 350, a $50,000 technology suite by HP and Intel and the opportunity to design and sell an exclusive collection at Lord & Taylor.




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