Super 80’s

80’s Musics

All things about 80’s never die! I found some legit 80’s musics video on youtube. Well, i was born in late 80’s and grew up with pop musics, pop rocks, punk, boy band and girls band like Nsync, Blackstress Boys, and Spice Girls (ofcourse), I also listened to hip hop a little bit. But, i think 80’s musics compare to all those 90’s and nowdays musics are more original in ideas, music itself, beats and lyrics. Most of us ofcourse still remember 80’s musics.

Here is one of legit music from 80’s

A song called “Take on Me” by A-Ha has typical 80’s musics with keyboard piano and bass sounds that made energic tunes in the intro. This kind of tunes remain me of aerobics tunes in my country lol. Other typical 80’s musics is the singer hair styles, leather black jacket, haha maybe look corny but those kind of styles was in during that time.

This song, from Bee Gess. wow so legit! I have’nt listen to this song in ages! I can tell this song is romantic and relaxing! haha.

80’s Movie

I never heard about ‘The Breakfast Club” movie, but i deffenetly want to watch it! When i watched the trailer of this movie, i was like hmm such an interesting movie!!

The Breakfast Club is a 1985 teen film widely considered a definitive work in the genre. Written and directed by John Hughes, The Breakfast Club storyline follows five teenagers (each representing a different clique in high school) as they spend a Saturday in detention together and come to realize that they are all deeper than their respective stereotypes.

80’s Fashion

Fashion today has so much inspiration from 80’s styles. I can tell that era came back again in new fashion. Look the colourful clothes, glasses, shoes, jewerelly, hat, etc. Here are some examples.


2 thoughts on “Super 80’s

  1. 80s rule from movie to music, from music to fashion and so on and so forth ) it really looks like whatever is done now is made by someone exhausted, while a lot of things made in 80’s now classic. which will not likely to happen with nowadays music. say Lady Gaga ten years from now no one will remember poker face song, while songs like Axel F, Girls Just wanna have fun, Please don’t make me cry and etc. still move people

    • oh sorry. i wont make anybody cry. well, i do like some 80’s musics, and i just wanted to see how 80’s things influence todays musics, fashion, movie, and so on. Hmm, i think is okay we have different view :). for me, world today bc history at the past, and like music, look some hip hip music bro, some rapper are putting classic music into their beats. and see it was awesome, so yea music class moreless influence music today. and i think some people wont forget legend singer n his/her song.

      thanks for your comment n visit my blog. peace 🙂

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